AI for financial services

AI works at every level in financial services - improving the customer experience, automating processes and managing compliance and risk. For both the front and back office, the right AI tools transform efficiency, and power better decision making. Complex problem or simple process: we’ve got the right AI tools for the job.

Let's do this:

We build and deploy intelligent automation for financial services, to transform efficiency in both the front and back office.

AI in financial services – where to start

AI is already doing clever things throughout financial services. From the simplest AI powered chatbot personalising the customer experience, through to complex machine learning algorithms for real-time fraud identification, intelligent automation is already here to stay.

You don’t have to start big to reap the benefits of deploying AI. Building an operation fit for the future is done from the ground up, automating legacy processes and removing low-value repetitive tasks. This in turn reduces errors, and ultimately powers higher value decision making throughout the decision chain.

AI tools can review thousands of paper documents in seconds, or analyse text and numerical data across disparate sources. It can help make new connections, identify patterns and make personalised recommendations on a scale simply not possible manually.

The good news? Fuzzy Labs can recommend the next step on the AI journey for your business, whatever stage you are at.

AI for financial services can help:

Speed up document processing

We implement both pre-configured ‘AI as a service’ cloud technologies, and custom built text analysis solutions for faster document processing. Using optical character recognition (OCR), our tools can quickly extract and process data, bypassing slow manual processes.

Improve workflow efficiency

Our solutions use natural language processing (NLP) and sentiment analysis to first understand, then categorise documents and inputs. Digitising this process allows much greater scope for automating the correct response, streamlining workflows and reducing overheads.

Mitigate risk

AI tools can take the headache out of regulatory compliance. Using a powerful combination of data warehousing and robotic process automation (RPA), our solutions can quickly and accurately connect vast amounts of data from multiple sources. It’s more accurate than humans, with fewer errors – for reduced risk all round.

Act as proof of concept to secure ongoing investment

It can be challenging to demonstrate ROI when it comes to investing in AI capability, especially where legacy operating models don’t favour innovation. Fuzzy Labs work in an iterative and agile way. We customise our approach, building low-cost solutions to quickly demonstrate proof of concept, leveraging our technical expertise to lower the barrier to entry for AI innovation in fintech.

Our approach to AI for financial services

Our approach to AI for financial services

We get it – so much is possible with AI in finance, but changing course can be a long process. Implementing new technologies may also require radical shifts in culture, people, skills and approach, which doesn’t happen overnight.

Our philosophy at Fuzzy Labs is always to keep things as straightforward as possible. We work with you to get clear on where you want to be, then roadmap simple steps on how to put in place the right AI solution and get there, faster, whatever the appetite for innovation.

From simply testing a quick automation hypothesis, through to implementing a complete end-to-end in house solution, we scale our approach to give you the biggest and best result for your budget.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to deploying AI, which is why we’ve developed our flexible AI Blueprint framework. It’s a structured process, which allows us to fully understand the opportunities for smarter technologies, and work in partnership with our clients to build a robust business case for progress.

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