Case Study

Do more with your data

Speed up reporting with data warehousing

How much more could you be doing with your data? This was the question we asked our client, Regital, a digital agency specialising in programmatic advertising, when they asked us to help speed up their reporting processes.

The system our client had for reporting was slow, and labour intensive. We were able to not just automate much of the manual data gathering work which was slowing things down, but also, to introduce a completely new way of working. It allowed them to access the data they needed much more quickly, and then work smarter with it to improve reporting.

So - more efficient for them in the back end, more value for their clients up front. Everybody wins. Are we wizards? Well, yes, but that’s a story for another time. It all came down to asking the right questions first. And then later, being just a bit tasty when it comes to building a data warehousing solution.

The solution

We built a cloud based centralised data warehousing solution using Google BigQuery, so all the data they needed was stored in one place.

Regardless of where the source data came from, the Google BigQuery stored it using a common format, which meant it could be combined, and re-cut in many more ways, giving Regital a much greater reporting capability to offer their advertising clients.

We wrote code to automatically import the data into the data warehouse, removing all the low value copying the team had previously had to do. Integrating the system with Google Sheets and Google Data Studio meant the team were able to view and use the data in a familiar framework, and now had more time to interpret the results and therefore improve the overall advertising outcomes for their clients.

This might work for you too…

For a completely data-driven business like Regital, improving the overall efficiency of how that data is imported, stored and used is a game changer. It allowed them not just to add value for their own clients’ advertising campaigns, but also to better understand their own business planning and internal reporting.

“Working with Matt and the team at Fuzzy Labs has been a hugely positive experience. Not only have they helped us drive operational efficiencies and enhance our tools, but our minds have been opened to how we leverage cloud platforms to derive value from our data in new, innovative ways. I’ve particularly enjoyed collaborating with Matt, who has both the technical knowhow and the imagination to make pretty much any idea a reality”

The solution we built for our client is not just great for right now - it’s also future-proof. When (because it is ‘when’, not ‘if’!) new platforms and data sets emerge, they can be easily integrated into the data warehousing solution, which means our client can be confident they’re equipped to cope with change. They’re now in the best position to scale up, offer greater value and generally win at life. (Ok, win at reporting).

Ultimately, data warehousing means they are equipped to make better business decisions, both now and in the future, and that sounds pretty good to us.

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