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We deliver end-to-end software solutions that put AI at the centre.

Built on the Google Cloud Platform using modern technology, our solutions are reliable, scalable and agile.


Successful marketing depends on reaching people and cultivating relationships. Today's consumers interact with businesses across a wide range of Internet-connected devices, and every interaction generates data.

AI helps us make sense of this data:

Business Process Automation

In many businesses a lot of time is spent on processing documents and inputting or copying data. By putting AI in the right places we can automate the most laborious parts of these business processes.

  • Optical character recognition extracts the text from a paper document so that it can be stored and used for further processing.
  • Text analysis enables us to automatically understand the content of a document like a letter or an email and decide what to do with it.
  • Entity analysis looks for key information in a document such as a name, address or reference number.

A demo of the process in action

Financial Services

In order to remain competitive more financial service businesses are turning to AI. Not only can AI improve business efficiency, it can also make the customers' lives easier.

  • Doing more with OCR by combining it with natural language processing creates a deeper understanding of a document's content.
  • Natural language querying. With intelligent agents customers can ask questions in natural language such as "has xyz paid their invoice" or "what are my outgoings this month?".
  • Personalised advice and suggestions embedded into bank statements based on an individual's profile.

Business intelligence

AI enables a pro-active approach to business intelligence. AI-driven decision making relies on a combination of historical data, machine learning and real-time reporting.

  • Intelligent insights help you determine your key customers or highlight problems in your supply chain.
  • Business intelligence reporting using tools like Google Data Studio and Looker to build sophisticated real-time dashboards.
BI Dashboard Screenshot

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Edge Computing and IoT

AI is everywhere. Your calendar reads your email so it can update when you book a flight or a hotel, your photos app understands what’s in your photos. We have fitness trackers that give us tailored advice and smart assistants in our homes. To make all this possible we need to bring AI to consumer devices.

  • Mobile and wearable technology: by using mobile-optimised machine learning models we can put AI directly into smart phone apps and wearables such as smart watches.
  • Smart sensors can be used to monitor and automate equipment in a factory or crops on a farm.
IoT Device

For Good

AI is a very powerful weapon, in the wrong hands it can do some very negative things. We think it's important to highlight the positive things that can be achieved with AI.

Read more about our for good initiative and consider getting involved.

We used some open data sets to analyse school admissions. Click here to read about how we did it.

Open Source

We use open source software to build our solutions. Some of the technologies we use include Go, Python, Terraform, Docker, TensorFlow, and Jupyter.

We like to contribute back to the open source community. Take a look at our Github to learn more.