Who are Fuzzy Labs?

Fuzzy Labs was co-Founded by Matt Squire and Tom Stockton in Manchester, UK, drawing on 35 years of combined commercial experience in writing and deploying world-class, modern, scalable software and data systems.

We have worked with organisations including Disney Streaming Services, MoneySupermarket, Booking.com and McLaren.

About Tom

With a background in DevOps and SRE, Tom not only has a wealth of experience engineering reliable production environments, but as the lead guitarist in his band, he's a literal DevOps rockstar. He's worked with many prominent tech clients, most recently leading efforts to deploy large-scale data processing infrastructure in Kubernetes for Disney Streaming Services.

When he's not doing rockstar DevOps or building cool stuff in the cloud, Tom's a commited mountain biker with an intimidating training regime.

Tom uses Vim.

About Matt

Matt has spent his career building distributed and reactive software using Scala, Akka and Kafka in many domains including advertising, price comparison, biometrics, and IoT applications. His background is in natural computation, a field of computer science that studies how living things compute, to think about new ways to make machines smarter.

Before starting Fuzzy Labs Matt was technical team lead at Disney Streaming Services, where he worked on a machine learning project to predict customer happiness based on their experience of using the Disney+ platform. In his spare time he likes to dabble in building hardware, cooking curries, exploring mountains and learning Mandarin.

Matt uses Emacs.